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Information about Criminal History Checks and Working With Children Checks.

In this article there is information on the types of Working With Children Checks (WWCC) and National Police Checks in the Commonwealth of Australia.

We will delve into their requirements that persons may be required to undergo when commencing a job role where the employer requires such a check, or in industries where one of these checks are mandatory in order to obtain employment.

This article is written for current and prospective employees or contractors, employers, and volunteers that may be undertaking work roles which involves either direct or indirect contact with children.

Throughout their lifetime, Australian children come into contact with a number of Australian organisations such as child care centres, schools, hospitals, religious institutions, and sport clubs.

Screening related activities (like background checks) for employees or contractors that are about to commence a role in work where there is direct or indirect contact with vulnerable persons in our community like children is considered to be one of the measures that contributes to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children within the organisations.

At present in Australia, there is not a single national framework setting out the requirements for obtaining Working With Children Check or a Police Check. It should however be noted that Australian states and territories have legislation incorporating child-related engagements with pre-screening requirements that must be met by certain workplaces and businesses operating in particular industries where there is direct or indirect contact with the vulnerable.

The Working with Children Check is an ongoing assessment of a person's eligibility to work or volunteer with children and involves a check of a person's national criminal history (including all spent convictions, pending and non-conviction charges) and other disciplinary and police information.
A national police check is a point in time check and discloses criminal history in accordance with the spent convictions scheme.

Background checks or screenings undertaken before employees or contractors commence their job roles e.g. working with children registrations in states and territories and a state base check e.g. a police check NSW or police check Victoria screen for an individual’s criminal records and any reports on their professional conduct. It should be noted that the state based checks are in essence a national check and they take into account all states and territories of Australia.

The screening checks are designed to assist in ensuring the correct persons with a suitable character are chosen to work with children.

The checks aim to prevent persons from working with vulnerable persons (children) records indicate that they may pose a potential risk in their course of work.

The Child Protection Systems Royal Commission, 2016 highlighted potential advantages of having structured pre-employment screening processes in place.


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